Airport services

1. VIP meet & greet experience for arrival and departure


Our airport teams are well versed at dealing with travel issues, flight disruption and will expedite you to your final destination with minimum fuss and utmost discretion. We eliminate the stress related to air travel whilst creating a first class service desired by many. Our objective is to provide an enjoyable experience whilst minimizing travel time for busy passengers. We understand the requirements of the business traveler when it comes to world travel and demanding tour schedules.

Your arrival experience will include:

-Being met at the airport gate

-Whisked through the terminal

-Baggage porters arrange the collection of your luggage and transfer it to your final mode of transport

-Chauffeurs will be parked outside the arrivals terminal to ensure a fast and efficient transfer away from the airport. (subject to additional costs)

Your departure experience will include:

-Curbside meet and assist directly outside the terminal

-Pre-booked porters to collect bags and transfer to check-in

-Pre-check in service (subject to airline) with preferred seat arrangement

-Escort to lounge and to the aircraft gate when ready to board

2. Welcome desk service (exclusive for Direct Way at Brussels International Airport)


Direct Way Worldwide is the only recommended company in Belgium that offers a mobile welcome desk at Brussels International Airport.

Two available options for a welcome desk are:

-Arrivals: a fixed welcome desk located in the arrivals terminal after customs, next to the right exit door of the terminal

-Departures: a mobile welcome desk can be placed in the departures hall either beside row 1 or just passed the Helix Smoothy Bar

The desk rental service includes staff.

3. Hostess Service


Direct Way offers experienced multilingual hostesses for group arrivals or departures, welcoming of travelers or assistance with check in at the airport or hotel.